peerapp-previewLast Thursday (on December 5, 2013), PeerApp, one of the leading providers in transparent caching and faster delivery of content over the Internet, announced that it had participated in the New England-Israel Business Council (NEIBC) event and showcased its latest customer wins in regions of the world that provide fastest and best broadband Internet services to their users.

The UltraBand transparent caching platform from PeerApp intelligently caches popular content and delivers it from locations near the viewers, thus reducing network costs while ensuring faster and more superior performance. The event was to recognize the multi-billion dollar impact of Israeli-founded Companies in Massachusetts and since PeerApp is a Massachusetts-Israel innovation success story, it showcased its customers in this event.

The announcement happened in the event that was held at MassChallenge and PeerApp also mentioned about its customers in regions like South Korea, Taiwan and Israel, which have much faster network connectivity than North America, but are still able to reduce infrastructure costs and improve performance by deploying PeerApp’s transparent caching.