http://www.rackspacecloud.comYesterday (on August 14, 2013), Rackspace Hosting, one of the leading providers of OpenStack-based cloud solutions, announced that it had commissioned an independent technology market research study with Vanson Bourne to find the technology preferences of 400 organizations with 1000+ employees in both the US and the UK.

Various interviews were covered as part of this study to find out how these organizations perceived the changes and advances in the Cloud offerings and figure out their preferences as well. The study found that almost 60% respondents had already moved either partially or completely off the public cloud and moved to more scalable and advanced solutions like hybrid cloud. Apart from other findings, the survey also found that almost 72% have moved some of their application portfolio to hybrid cloud with 80% US organizations and 64% UK organizations. Finally, respondents also mentioned that hybrid cloud provided more benefits like better control, security and reliability while ensuring faster performance and lower network costs.

At its end, Rackspace mentioned that the research showed how the leading Companies in US and UK had already deployed or considered deploying hybrid cloud to manage their data and operations.