Limelight-previewLimelight Networks, one of the leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Network services and digital presence management solutions, announced that Robert Lento, who has been the Company’s interim CEO since November 2012, will now be appointed officially as the new CEO of the Company.

Robert Lento brings with him more than 3 decades of industry experience, and in his recent stints had worked as a senior sales executive at Convergys for almost 14 years. During the last 4 years, he served as Convergys’ President, Information Management Division and helped in generating large profits, thus paving way for NEC to acquire this business unit. Apart from this, he also worked at Donnelly Enterprise Solutions, Entex Information Services, Decision Resources, and Future Information Systems in different executive positions. Jeff Lunsford, who was the former CEO of Limelight Networks, had stepped down in the end of 2012, and that is when Robert Lento took over as an interim CEO.

At his end, Robert Lento mentioned that he was happy to be appointed as the CEO of Limelight and stated that he would also be joining the Company’s Board of Directors.