softlayer-previewYesterday (on March 26, 2014), SoftLayer Technologies, an IBM Company and a leading provider of cloud and managed hosting services, announced that the Company has completely revamped its website to provide an easier and more stream-lined interface for their customers to find and order their cloud offerings.

SoftLayer mentioned that it got millions of hits on its website every month and hence the website was an important and crucial way in which both existing and prospective customers interacted with the Company. To ensure better QoS for them, SoftLayer completely rebuilt its website and added easier and more light-weight interfaces to enable customers to view and select the various infrastructure offerings like storage, compute power, networking as well as other advanced cloud offerings. Finally, with a single consolidated order and ability of saving shopping carts, the Company made sure that it gave more control and flexibility to its users.

At its end, SoftLayer mentioned that it was extremely pleased to launch the new and improved website and stated that the Company also changed names of various services to make them more intuitive for the end-users to grasp and compare them against competition.