Last Friday (on March 11, 2011), SpotCloud, the global cloud computing Clearinghouse and Spot Market, announced its providing Aflexi CDN, as part of its latest appliance directory. This appliance directory provides a variety of cloud computing and web optimization options from the various providers of the SpotCloud Management system.

The SpotCloud system leverages Ubuntu JeOS, which is Ubuntu’s Server edition, compiled to suit the requirements of the distributed SpotCloud system. While there are many appliances, the system also leverages Aflexi’s CDN automation control panel to provide CDN for cloud computing. This control panel also allows you to build your own CDN by making use of the edge servers that SpotCloud has installed around the globe.

Apart from this, the kit also comes with Webmin to allow better package installation and user management, BOINC SpotCloud for Distributed Grid Computing, OpenVPN and Varnish Cache as parts of its Ubuntu 10.10 JeOS offering.