streamzilla-previewA couple weeks ago (on September 30, 2014), StreamZilla, one of the leading providers of streaming media delivery solutions that power hundreds of customers around the globe, announced the launch of the world’s largest CDN solution that combines the federated CDNs of leading providers including Amazon, LeaseWeb and Level 3 among others.

This CDN solution from StreamZilla is powered by the CDN technology of Jet-Stream and is also the world’s first multi-CDN solution in the OTT space. This new CDN leverages not only its own network infrastructure but by using various APIs also uses its partner CDNs as its own edge nodes. Apart from this, the Adaptive CDN solution has its own algorithms of finding and selecting the nodes from its partner networks to ensure both highest performance as well as lowest bandwidth costs. Finally, the offering comes with all of StreamZilla’s advanced features including instant provisioning, real-time transmuxing, cache purging and analytics among others.

At its end, StreamZilla stated that the Company was thrilled to create the world’s Largest True CDN Federation and stated that this solution would allow customers to get not only the best performance at most competitive rates, but also provide them with an extremely scalable infrastructure that supports all advanced features.