maxcdnToday (on April 29, 2013), NetDNA LLC, one of the fastest growing Content Delivery Network service providers, announced that StumbleUpon, which is one of the most popular discovery engines on the Internet, had selected NetDNA’s pay-as-you-go MaxCDN offering to improve the performance and scalability of its content sharing platform.

The social media website enables users around the globe to like and dislike pages and content, thus allowing their recommendations to be visible to others. With the increase in web traffic and penetration, the website started getting more than 25 million users around the globe, and the Company wanted to ensure high-speed performance and uptime for its users. This is where StumbleUpon selected NetDNA’s high-speed MaxCDN solution that not only has a global network, but also provides various other optimizations and support for secure sockets layer implementation and certificate management services, thus ensuring high quality-of-service for StumbleUpon’s users.

At its end, StumbleUpon mentioned that it was happy to select MaxCDN and stated that it could not only deploy the CDN quickly, but also was quite pleased with the performance gains that it got from using MaxCDN’s solutions. On the other hand, NetDNA team mentioned that it was honored to be selected by StumbleUpon and stated that the Company would continue to focus on providing faster and better solutions to its customers.