Yesterday (on September 9, 2010), Wowza Media Systems, the premier provider of infrastructure for live video, video-on-demand, live recording and other online video related features, announced that the largest independent CDN of Europe, TV1.EU has selected Wowza Media Server 2. This deployment will allow TV1.EU to enable the expansion of its content delivery network services on all screens, from Internet connected TV sets, PCs and tablet devices to smart phones.

TV1.EU Management said that moving to the Wowza Media Server 2 would provide their clients with the option of streaming their content on a variety of devices using the same unified media server software platform. Moreover, it will also enable TV1.EU in reducing encoding, storage and management expenses of media conversions in different formats and make it possible for the company to improve efficiency and streamline their infrastructure, and hence save money.

The TV1.EU management said it was happy with the development, and the deployment of Wowza Media Server 2 will provide them a differentiation factor from their competition and hence stay one-step ahead.