Yesterday (on December 19, 2011), VBrick Systems, one of the leading providers of online streaming solutions and IP Video technology services, announced that its VBOSS Online Streaming service has been leveraged by many of the leading real estate Companies including Zip Reality, MyNewPlace, and

With many people now going online to find homes or properties, website owners are looking at reliable and scalable solutions that can allow them to stream the content related to the properties and video-enable their websites. With its generic APIs, support for multiple players and management suite, VBOSS allows the real estate owners to easily share apartment tours with the prospective customers, thus allowing the latter to have 24/7 access to the property without even moving out of their homes.

VBrick mentioned that it is doing the best it can to help these customers and MyNewPlace also mentioned that it is using VBOSS to stream more than 100 thousand videos per month, and this is helping them get more leads as well.