wowza-previewThis Monday (on December 2, 2013), Wowza Media Systems, the provider of the most powerful streaming media server software, announced that it had joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program and will be making its Wowza Media Server solution available on Google’s new public cloud offering, the Google Compute Engine.

As part of this collaboration, users of Wowza Media Server will be able to leverage the Linux-based virtual machines from Google Compute Engine to run and manage their high-media media streaming services. While the existing Wowza users will be able to use their own license under the bring-your-own-license (BYOL) arrangement, Google Compute Engine will also allow its customers to deploy and use Wowza Media Server through the cloud and the pricing and billing will happen an increments of every 10 minutes, thus allowing them to make use of Wowza’s services on-demand without the need for buying a long term license.

At their ends, both Google and Wowza Media Systems mentioned that they were happy with the partnership which would enable customers of both Companies to manage their media streams in a more scalable fashion.