wowza-previewThis Tuesday (on December 17, 2013), Wowza Media Systems, one of the industry leaders of Streaming Media Server software, announced the results of its study that covers the second screen behaviors of 500 television viewers to help TV networks and marketers in taking decisions for developing and popularizing their second screen applications.

Among the key findings of the results include facts like 40% of respondents having engaged with the TV show’s second screen app. Apart from this, 72% respondents on the social media page or application mentioned that the second screen app encouraged them to watch the show more often and 62% respondents also stated that they use social media “sometimes” or “always”. Finally, 85% of second screen app users stated that they used apps from networks more often than show-specific apps.

Wowza mentioned that since more than 50% of the respondents were between the 23-39 age group, which represents the most spending age-group, the survey would be helpful to TV networks for making better decisions. The complete survey and findings can be found by Clicking Here.