wowza-previewThis Tuesday (on February 11, 2014), Wowza Media Systems, the leader in Media Server Software for high-performance and reliable streaming of media, announced the launch of its new Wowza Streaming Engine offering to enable its customers to stream, manage and monitor their live and on-demand video content in a faster and better manner.

The Media Streaming Engine software from Wowza is the Company’s new version of its previously known and massively popular Wowza Media Server solution and it enables customers to stream their video content across multiple devices, formats and screen-sizes in real-time. Apart from multiple transcoders and encoders, Wowza Media Streaming Engine also provides DVR-like features to enable play, pause and playback of the video content, while also supporting all features through its large set of customizations and APIs. Finally, with full support for future protocols like MPEG-DASH and multiple security features the Wowza Streaming Engine will help customers manage their video content and broadcast it in a secure and scalable manner.

At its end, Wowza mentioned that it was happy to roll-out its updated Media Streaming Engine that can stream from both standard hardware as well as cloud, and the solution comes with a browser-based Control Panel and multiple reports and analytics to provide more information and control to its users.